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Who are the people in this video?
As one of our residents said, “I love it because this video is homegrown.” None of the people in it are professional actors or actresses. Each person has a connection to the Fairfax neighborhood.
How did you pay for this video and website?
A wonderful donor realized that we needed to reach out to the world in a meaningful way that would help us raise the funds to do the things we had to do, so they gave us the seed money to produce this video and website.
Am I buying a real piece of land in the Fairfax neighborhood?

No. We have created this virtual Land of Fairfax as a means to raise the funds needed to complete projects in the real neighborhood of Fairfax. One example is the Intergenerational housing development project currently under construction. The project will provide housing for 40 families of grandparents who have legal custody of their grandchildren. Presently, there are only six housing developments nationwide that have been specifically designed to address the housing needs of grandparents or kin who are raising their grandchildren. None exist in Ohio or the Great Lakes Region.

Upon giving a gift, you will receive a “Title Deed” which clearly shows you do not own any real estate in the community of Fairfax, but only virtual “land” in the online world we have created.

What forms of payment are accepted?
All major credit cards, debit cards, personal and company checks.
How will the money raised be used?
There is much work left to be done in our community: improved housing, jobs creation, senior citizen support services and maintaining a safe environment for our children. (Also, see the example in the previous question.) While we have accomplished much in the 20 plus years of community involvement, we want to reflect a community that plays host to the world-class health care delivered at the Cleveland Clinic located within our neighborhood’s borders.
Who selected John Legend to be involved?
John Legend met Dr. Toby Cosgrove, CEO of the Cleveland Clinic, at an event in 2012 and became intrigued with the Clinic and the neighborhood of Fairfax in which it was located. Meanwhile, Fairfax was developing a campaign around John’s “Wake Up Everybody” video, not knowing of the relationship between John Legend and Dr. Cosgrove. One thing led to another and John signed on because he believed in this project. He is also a Springfield Ohio native (a “Buckeye”) so that didn’t hurt either.
Why should people from other communities or parts of the world contribute to the
Fairfax neighborhood?
We are not a large community. In fact, in terms of numbers, we only have about 6,500 residents. Yet, we provide a warm, welcoming environment for hundreds of thousands of people a year from every corner of the earth who come to the Cleveland Clinic for healthcare. A strong, socially intact community goes a long way toward making this a positive experience.
What is the relationship between Fairfax and the Cleveland Clinic?
Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation and the Cleveland Clinic have enjoyed a positive and open working partnership for many years. Construction projects we have worked on together mean that Fairfax residents will always own the land on which Cleveland Clinic buildings are built. Other initiatives we have partnered on have led to many innovative and positive outcomes for the residents of Fairfax.
What is the relationship between the Fairfax neighborhood and Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation?
Fairfax residents created the Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation (FRDC) as the corporate entity to carry out their plans and wishes for the improvement and stability of the neighborhood. FRDC is a recognized community development corporation by the City of Cleveland, the State of Ohio and the U.S. Government.
How long has the community of Fairfax been in existence?
The neighborhood was annexed to the City of Cleveland in 1872.
Can I give just $1 or its equivalent in my country’s currency?
We welcome any gift of $1 or more, or its equivalent. The only reason we have set $1 as a suggested minimum is because of the basic credit card transaction fees we incur.
May I get a refund of my donation?
Our web site, without any exception, has a NO REFUND policy.
For this reason, we strongly recommend that before payment, our visitors:• Read this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.
• Read our Terms of Use
• Read our Privacy Policy
• Do not allow children or other unauthorized family members or friends to access your credit cards or your account at the payment site to ensure that no one makes a donation without your permission.By making a donation to our campaign, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the above No Refund Policy.
What if I want my gift to remain anonymous?
We are sensitive to our citizens’ wishes to remain anonymous. At your request, any gift can be given anonymously. Send your request to
Is my gift tax deductible?
It should be in the United States based on current tax law and your particular tax situation. Please consult tax laws for other countries.
If you have other questions you would like to ask about this campaign to support the residents of Fairfax, please send your questions to


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