For the price of an app ($1), you can join in with millions of people throughout the globe and affect the lives of everyday people in a community called Fairfax – people who have played host to the world for 100 years.

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When patients come with their families to get healed at the Cleveland Clinic, they are temporary residents of Fairfax. The permanent residents of Fairfax have raised families here and continue to develop the area into a place to live, work and play, but we still have many challenges to face.

We have created this virtual Land of Fairfax for you to live in for a few moments and enjoy.  John Legend, Melanie Fiona and Common will inspire you in a short 2 ½ minute video.

  • Your $1 gift makes you a Landowner of virtual property and a virtual Citizen.
  • You will receive a “Title Deed” and “Passport.”
  • Your views as a Citizen can be heard on our Citizens’ Gift Testimonials page, as well as on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • You can become an Ambassador for The Land of Fairfax by Liking and Sharing on Facebook and Retweeting to your Followers.